Is there anything more Christmas than a row of stockings on the fireplace? Whether you're a fan of the contemporary stocking or looking for something more special, I'm sure you can find inspiration in the patterns I've rounded up. Bonus: all the patterns are free, so you can get started straight away!

1. Dreamy stocking

This Dreamy Christmas stocking is by My Hobby is Crochet. I love the pop of colour here!

2. Christmas Stocking

Aren't these small stockings designed by Briana K perfect for little gifts? Or put them on a garland and create your special Christmas Decor!

3. Berry Beautiful Stocking

I adore the colour in the aptly named Berry Beautiful Stocking by Peach and Paige. In this pattern, you will find instructions to make a big and small stocking, perfect for your own mantle and as a gift!

4. Buffalo Plaid Christmas stocking

There's a time and a place for Gingham and Plaid, and it's definitely during Christmas and on your stocking. Learn how to make this lovely pattern over at A Crocheted Simplicity.

5. Pretty in Gingham Stocking

This is a different take on the Gingham pattern. With a bit of clever play of colour and the instructions over at A Divine Debris, you can create one too!

6. Bobbles & Stripes Stocking

Practice your Bobbles in this traditional take on the Christmas stocking! You can find the pattern over at CrochetForYouBlog.

7. Wintermint Hexagon Stocking

The Wintermint Hexagon stocking uses hexagon motifs to form the stocking. Add some colourful pompoms to the mix and you have a stunning Christmas piece. Find the pattern over at Fiber Flux.

8. Crafty Boho Stocking

The Crafty Boho stocking by A Crafty Concept has space for plenty of presents! You can find the full instructions on A Crafty Concept.

9. Granny Hexi Stocking

The Granny Hexi Stocking by Originally Lovely is made from granny hexies - creating a twist on both the stocking and the traditional granny motifs! You can find the full pattern on Originally Lovely.

10. Country Cottage Stocking

The Country Cottage Stocking is something I can see hanging on the mantlepiece here! Learn how to create the Alpine Stitch with the directions on The Turtle Trunk.

11. Little Christmas Socks

If you're short on time, why not make mini Christmas socks? These socks by Le Monde de Sucrette are perfect as a little gift holder or class present. Full instructions are available on Angie's blog!

12. Puff Stitch Stocking

The Puff Stitch stocking is the perfect excuse to practice your puff stitches. They will look good in any colour, I promise! You can find the full pattern on A Crafty Concept.

13. Waistcoat stocking

The Waistcoat stocking by Carmen Jacob has a wonderful traditional vibe. You can download the pattern as a free Ravelry download!

14. Hexagon Patchwork Christmas Stocking

I'm loving these little hexies! The Hexagon Patchwork Christmas stocking is a free pattern over at The Lazy Hobbyhopper.

15. Luxe Boho Christmas Stocking

The fringe on this Luxe Boho Christmas Stocking is what makes this stocking stand out from the crowd. Also, I'm dotting on the deep mustard colour. You can find the free pattern on Nana's crafty home.

16. Velvet stocking

This stocking is made with velvet-like yarn, giving the sock a soft and textured look. You can find the pattern for this cute Christmas sock on Lullaby Lodge!

17. Diamond Nights Christmas Stocking

Catherine Bligh's Diamond Nights Christmas Stockings are made with just one ball of variegated yarn. The use of Front Post stitches create a beautiful texture, a fun afternoon project for the intermediate or advanced crocheter! The pattern is a free Ravelry Download.

18. Fireside Christmas Stocking

This Stocking uses extended crochet stitches to create a knitted look. So clever! You can find the free pattern over at Coco Crochet Lee.

19. Mermaid stocking

Here is something else completely! The Mermaid stocking is made in the way you often see Mermaid blankets made. Very clever and perfect for the mermaid-loving grandkids! You can find the free pattern over at Crafty Kitty Crochet.

20. Fabulously Festive Stockings

The fabulously festive stockings are a sight for colour-starved eyes! Made with different stitches to practice, these socks will brighten up any room. Find the free crochet pattern over at Gleeful Things.

21. Nordic Star Stockings

Fancy a bit of mosaic crochet/ This technique is perfect for any type of surface, including Christmas Stockings. Find the free pattern over at Juniper & Oakes.

22. Fill me Up Christmas Stockings

My own Christmas Stockings can't be missed in this roundup! I've used dropped stitches to create a colourful Christmas Sock. You can find the free pattern over here.

23. Yuletide Stockings

To wrap it up, have a look at these scrapbuster Yuletide Stockings by Shelly Johnson. Perfect for the odds and ends you have lying around from other projects. The pattern is a free Ravelry download!


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