Welcome to the Origami Blanket Crochet Make-A-Long! In the coming weeks, we’ll create a stunning gradient blanket together. You can join in at any time you like, and the pattern will remain available after the MAL on my blog. You will find it on my free crochet patterns page, together with the Rainbow Origami Blanket.

For your convenience, I put all the relevant information together in this post. Keep on reading!

The Origami Blanket

The Origami Blanket is a project that’s very close to my heart. I’ve incorporated my favourite colours into geometric motifs which together form a vivid and lush gradient. The result is a comfortable and lush blanket measuring 145 x 175cm (57 x 69in). I’ve written a blog post about my inspiration and how this blanket took shape, you can read it here.

The pattern

The pattern is available as a free crochet pattern. I’ve also created a printable and styled PDF version. The pattern is written in US English and a Dutch (NL) translation is also available. Crochet diagrams and photo tutorials are also included. Please note, I have no videos available for the MAL.

Yarns & Kits

For this blanket I’ve used Scheepjes Metropolis, a new 75% Extra fine Merino, 25% Nylon sock yarn. You will need 26 balls of Metropolis in total for a 175 x 145cm blanket. I’ve also created versions of these blanket in Scheepjes Colour Crafter, an affordable 100% Acrylic yarn. Continue reading below for all the details on the colour packs.

Shop the yarn!

For the Colour Crafter versions, have a look here:

If you’re looking to make the Metropolis version of the blanket, you can shop your yarn here:

    Metropolis Kits

    This is Origami Spring, one of two Metropolis colour packs:

    • Yarn A: 6 x 024 Cota
    • Yarn B: 2 x 030 Toulouse
    • Yarn C: 2 x 037 Istanbul
    • Yarn D: 2 x 035 Seoul
    • Yarn E: 2 x 048 Sydney
    • Yarn F: 2 x 052 Bangalore
    • Yarn G: 2 x 051 Marrakech
    • Yarn H: 2 x 055 Lima
    • Yarn I: 2 x 053 Santiago
    • Yarn J: 2 x 049 Ajman
    • Yarn K: 2 x 062 Valencia

    Yellow is one of my favourite colours, but it’s quite bold. So, I put together a second colourway for this blanket I’ve called Origami Summer. I’m currently working on a version so that I can show you the colours, but it’s not ready yet (the curse of designing big blankets!) These pictures will follow as soon as I’m ready. What I do have for you is an overview of how I designed this blanket to be, which gives you a fair indication of how the end result is going to look like.

    The Origami Summer pack:

    • Yarn A: 6 x 056 Almaty
    • Yarn B: 2 x 046 Leeds
    • Yarn C: 2 x 059 Montreal
    • Yarn D: 2 x 060 Jaipur
    • Yarn E: 2 x 006 Taipei
    • Yarn F: 2 x 019 Marseille
    • Yarn G: 2 x 022 Pasay
    • Yarn H: 2 x 018 Suwon
    • Yarn I: 2 x 009 Madrid
    • Yarn J: 2 x 011 Boston
    • Yarn K: 2 x 003 Dallas

    Colour Crafter Kits

    As I said, I’ve recreated the original colourways in Scheepjes Colour Crafter as well. Colour Crafter is a 100% premium acrylic yarn. I really enjoyed it when I worked up my Scheepjes CAL 2016 blanket with it! The yarn is a bit more affordable, plus you only need 13 balls of colour crafter for a 140 x 170cm (55 x 67in) blanket. These are the Colour Crafter Origami Spring colours:

    • Yarn A: 3 x 1001 Weert
    • Yarn B: 1 x 2010 Hasselt
    • Yarn C: 1 x 1114 Eindhoven
    • Yarn D: 1 x 1054 Haarlem
    • Yarn E: 1 x 1026 Lelystad
    • Yarn F: 1 x 1130 Sittard
    • Yarn G: 1 x 2006 Luik
    • Yarn H: 1 x 1432 Heerlen (1188 Rhenen works great too!)
    • Yarn I: 1 x 1277 Amstelveen
    • Yarn J: 1 x 2007 Spa
    • Yarn K: 1 x 1004 Veendam

    And the Colour Crafter Origami Summer pack:

    • Yarn A: 3 x 1005 Barneveld
    • Yarn B: 1 x 1132 Leek
    • Yarn C: 1 x 1083 Tilburg
    • Yarn D: 1 x 1241 Den Bosh
    • Yarn E: 1 x 1724 Helmond
    • Yarn F: 1 x 1820 Goes
    • Yarn G: 1 x1824 Enschede
    • Yarn H: 1 x 1062 Dordrecht
    • Yarn I: 1 x 722 Alphen
    • Yarn J: 1 x 1708 Alkmaar
    • Yarn K: 1 x 2005 Oostende

    If you want to make your own kit, I have a colouring template available where you can just mix and match your own colours according to the ‘colour formula’ for this blanket. You can find it here. Please consider buying the yarn through one of my affiliate links, as it helps me to put together future projects!

    Starting Date and course of MAL

    Technically the Origami Blanket Crochet Make-A-Long is a CAL, as there is no knitted version of this blanket. But I don’t want to put any kind of pressure on you (or me!) so we’ll just call it a MAL, which feels much more informal? The MAL will start Friday the 21st of June, giving you a little under a month to get your colour packs in! The MAL will then run over the course of 8 weeks, until August 16th. However, the end date is just an approximation and I welcome everybody who wants to finish their blanket sooner, later or start on a different date altogether! The MAL is going to be held in my Haak Maar Raak community on Facebook. My trusted mod Lize and me will be available there for you to answer all your questions, cheer you on and gawk at your stunning creations. I’m already excited to see which colour combinations you guys will come up with!

    Extra links


    Marjan Wouters
    Ik wil graag dit deken maken in zwart wit en grijstinten. Heb geen idee hoe ik daaraan moet beginnen. Kunnen jullie mij op weg helpen ?
    Alvast bedankt

    Marjan June 20, 2019 05:12 - Reply
    Kirsten Ballering
    Hi Marjan,

    de deken is ontworpen om met 10 kleuren te werken. je zou dus 10 verschillende grijstinten + zwart nodig moeten hebben, en 1 wit. Dat is best veel, dus ik zou even kijken hoeveel verschillende tinten je hebt en op basis daarvan wat kleuren weglaten. je kan dan de rijen blokken met de kleuren die je hebt meerdere keren herhalen. (dus bijvoorbeeld Rij 1 en Rij 2 2x doen). Het zal wel even een gepuzzel worden, maar daar kan je mijn kleurentemplate voor gebruiken. Succes!! June 21, 2019 11:29 - Reply
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