Are you ready to continue your Sampler adventure? The Rainbow Sampler Blanket 2 features more stitches, vibrant colours, and a sprinkle of yarn magic.

Designed for adventurous beginners who want to take their crochet skills to the next level, this blanket teaches you everything you need to know about more advanced stitch patterns.

The Rainbow Sampler 2

After the huge success of the first Rainbow Sampler, it was clear to me that I was going to make a second blanket. I had many more stitches to share, and the idea of teaching more complex versions in a follow-up blanket seemed only fitting.

So over the past year, I worked on and off this blanket. A row here, A row there, and all those little moments add up. It resulted in the big, cuddly blanket you see today. It measures 170 x 210cm (67 x 82 ½in), but sizing is easily adjusted. It's made with 19 different colours; more on that further down this post.

Close up of Sampler Blanket 2

Stitches in this blanket

This CAL contains stitches used in the previous Sampler, combined with more advanced stitches. We'll be diving into:

  • Apache Tear
  • Catherine Wheel
  • Granny Stripes
  • Jacob's ladder
  • Puff stitches
  • V-stitch
  • Wrapped stitches
  • X-stitches
  • Popcorns (both with the same and different base colours)
  • Tulip stitches
  • Alpine stitch

If you want to, you can mix in stitches from the previous Sampler in as well (Star stitch, Larksfoot stitch, Crab stitch, Shells, Herringbone, Wave stitch, Surface crochet... It's quite a list!).

Between the two Sampler blankets, there are about 20 different stitches to learn. I'd really enjoy it if you were able to make this one truly your own. After all, that's what a Sampler is all about, right? Learning new stitches and having a project to show off all that hard work!

Close up of the Rainbow Sampler 2 Crochet Blanket

When does the CAL start?

The CAL starts on September 28th, 2023. It will last for 12 weeks, with a new pattern part released each Thursday. The last pattern part will be released on the 14th of December, so right in time if you plan to gift this blanket for the holidays!

The CAL patterns will always be available on my website. Additionally, my Haak Maar Raak Community on Facebook will be the place where you can share progress pics and help each other out. Of course, I'll be hanging out there as well for any questions. If you want to receive an email whenever a new pattern part is released, subscribe to my CAL mailing list too.

Who's the CAL for?

Of course, this CAL is for anybody! However, the pattern has been specifically designed to incorporate more advanced stitches than the first Sampler, but in a way that's also understandable for beginners. So if you know your basic stitches like single and double crochets, know how to turn, know how to crochet stitches together, you should be fine.

I made an effort to ease up on the pattern writing. For example, I do use abbreviations, but not to the point where the pattern becomes code. If I feel a full word makes for an easier read, then that is what is written. There are also photo tutorials for each stitch, and clear crochet diagrams to help you alongside the written pattern.

The pattern

The pattern for the CAL is available in one of two ways:

You can already purchase the printable PDF version from today on if you want to get an early start or want to look through beforehand. The information in both versions is the same - but the PDF is much easier printable. It consists of 70+ pattern pages and comes with a short printfriendly version ('only' 16 pages) as well. The PDF version will be 50% off until the CAL is finished and will revert to full price after December 14th.

Yarns used

For this CAL I used the wonderful Scheepjes Colour Crafter. It's a premium acrylic range, which has so many colours to choose from. I prefer acrylic for these big blankets because it's more affordable, and holds up pretty well! I still use my original (10-year-old) Sampler Blanket every fall and winter, and it still looks quite alright (and also important, it keeps me warm).

These are the specs:
Scheepjes Colour Crafter (100% Premium Acrylic, 100g/300m):

  • Colour A: 1001 Weert x 6 balls
  • Colour B: 1132 Leek x 1 ball
  • Colour C: 1083 Tilburg x 1 ball
  • Colour D: 1123 Roermond x 1 ball
  • Colour E: 2004 Brussel x 1 ball
  • Colour F: 1277 Amstelveen x 1 ball
  • Colour G: 1432 Heerlen x 1 ball
  • Colour H 1130 Sittard x 1 ball
  • Colour I 1241 Den Bosch x 1 ball
  • Colour J 1821 Terneuzen x 1 ball
  • Colour K 1725 Ameland x 1 ball
  • Colour L 1422 Eelde x 1 ball
  • Colour M 2009 Kortrijk x 1 ball
  • Colour N 2006 Luik x 1 ball
  • Colour O 1068 Den Helder x 1 ball
  • Colour P 1034 Urk x 1 ball
  • Colour Q 2015 Bastogne x 1 ball
  • Colour R 1114 Eindhoven x 1 ball
  • Colour S 1263 Leerdam x 1 ball
Colours of Colour Crafter used in the sampler blanket

Yarn choice

You can follow my colour choice, or put together your own range of colours. You can see in the table below how much you need for each colour.

You can also use different acrylics or other ranges such as Scheepjes Scrumptious. I wouldn't advise going with a very bulky yarn though, because if you follow the pattern, then your blanket would end up being twice the size of the state of Texas.

I've created a colour template to use for your own colour selection too. Click here for the PDF, or save the images below.

Colour Template Rainbow Sampler 2
Colour Template Rainbow Sampler 2

Colour replacements in Colour Crafter

With a range as large as the Colour Crafter, there are bound to be some colours out of stock at one point or another. To make it easier on you, I made a replacement list. Note that I checked the replacements with my actual colour cart - so I've looked at true colours, not screen images. Those can give you a distorted look. I hope you trust me!

  • Colour A: 1001 Weert ---- This can be substituted for any neutral colour. White, off-white, greys, even black. For example 2019 Sint Niklaas or 1203 Heerenveen.
  • Colour B: 1132 Leek ---- 1723 Vlissingen (slightly darker, slightly more orange tone).
  • Colour C: 1083 Tilburg ---- 1435 Apeldoorn (slightly brighter, more to red/pinkish side).
  • Colour D: 1123 Roermond ---- 1246 Maastricht (brighter red, like deep red lipstick).
  • Colour E: 2004 Brussel ---- 1823 Coevorden (more ochre).
  • Colour F: 1277 Amstelveen ---- 1188 Rhenen (bit more blue).
  • Colour G: 1432 Heerlen ---- Hard one, as there's no proper replacement. I would go with any purple that's brighter or darker than the Colour F. For example, the dark 2001 Antwerpen or light grey-purple 1724 Helmond.
  • Colour H 1130 Sittard ---- 1240 Ommen (very light pink).
  • Colour I 1241 Den Bosch ---- Any shade of 'normal' pink would do for this one. It's the most used pink in the blanket and is sort of a 'medium' tone. For example, the old pink 1080 Venlo.
  • Colour J 1821 Terneuzen ---- 2016 Charleroi (slightly darker shade of green).
  • Colour K 1725 Ameland ---- 1824 Enschede (bit more moss-green).
  • Colour L 1422 Eelde ---- No immediate replacement, but it combines with both green and blue in the blanket, so 2015 Bastogne would also pair well.
  • Colour M 2009 Kortrijk ---- 1061 Meppel (bit darker, more purple shade).
  • Colour N 2006 Luik ---- Difficult one to replace. You could go either neon pink with 1257 Hilversum, or go the opposite way and go for a more light, purple pink with 1390 Amersfoort.
  • Colour O 1068 Den Helder ---- 2012 Knokke (virtually indistinguishable).
  • Colour P 1034 Urk ---- 1019 Texel (slightly more blue).
  • Colour Q 2015 Bastogne ---- 1829 Wilnis (a bit more to the teal side).
  • Colour R 1114 Eindhoven ---- This is a hard one. It has no substitution, so in the spirit of the blanket, I would go with a whole different shade of yellow, like 1081 Gouda to still have that yellow contrast. Gouda is light yellow though, Eindhoven is dark.
  • Colour S 1263 Leerdam ---- 2008 Leuven (brighter yellow).


If your local retailer doesn't have Colour Crafter, There are several online retailers who do, so have a look at them:

The above are all affiliate links, so I earn a small commission on them at no additional cost to you.


You might want to make the most of your leftovers. That's why I put together a yardage table, with details about how many grams of yarn I used for each week.

Yardage for Rainbow Sampler Blanket 2

As you can see, you'll have leftovers from this blanket if you work with new balls of yarn. It's a side effect of working with colourful patterns, I suppose! I see it as an excellent way to kickstart a new colour palette. You could also consider making the first Sampler, or the Baby Sampler with these leftovers!

Close up

That's all for now! Will you join me when the CAL starts? I hope so!


I can’t wait!!! August 25, 2023 22:47 - Reply
Yay! Only a few more weeks, Elaine :D August 28, 2023 08:25 - Reply
Wanda August 28, 2023 19:02 - Reply
Hi Wanda,
do you want to be signed up for the CAL mailing list? If so, I'll put you on the list :) August 29, 2023 08:51 - Reply
Hi - are your patterns written in US or UK terminology ? September 01, 2023 05:28 - Reply
Hi Jo,

all of them are in US terminology, unless it's very explicitly stated that it's in UK terms! September 01, 2023 08:21 - Reply
I love this! I'm currently in the middle of Rainbow Sampler #1! September 07, 2023 12:38 - Reply
What does CAL stand for? September 08, 2023 21:59 - Reply
Crochet-A-Long :) we will all be working on the same project together! September 09, 2023 07:58 - Reply
Where do we find info on how to make the blanket smaller. I'm super keen, however would prefer to make a smaller blanket that the last one. Thanks in advance September 23, 2023 00:24 - Reply
Hi there!

In the pattern for week 1 I've added instructions on resizing the blanket :) So that will be available right from the beginning! September 25, 2023 19:31 - Reply
Thank you for another gorgeous free pattern. It would be nice if you could put more links for shops in the EU. I'm sure there are a lot of Europeans that follow you, but the shops link are usually only for US and UK. Surely I'm not going to order from the UK, even if I live very close to it. If Europeans order from UK, they have to pay on top of the shipping cost, tax and custom fee which often bring the total order at double the price. UK is not in the EU anymore. I would prefer to buy from any country in Europe, like the Netherlands for example. You are missing out on all commissions from EU people that buy elsewhere. I would like to buy yarn from places you recommend to support you but not from US or UK. You are in Europe too, it would be nice to have more shops from the EU. September 30, 2023 12:44 - Reply
Hi Simona,

I wish more shops in the EU would offer affiliates, but mostly those in the UK and US do :) A girl's gotta eat!
On most of my patterns you also find links to Caro's atelier, a big Dutch retailer. They offer kits of several of my patterns. Hope this helps! September 30, 2023 13:41 - Reply
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