So you might have noticed that Scheepjes has released a new YARN bookazine. That and the new Scheepjes CAL are all that’s talked about the past weeks! I got my copy of YARN 8 in the mail, and the bookazine is a joy to flick through. Have you put your kettle on yet? All the details on how to order your bookazine are at the end of this post, so read on!

Designs for every body

The cover already tells us a little bit about the inside. It’s a mosaic of several projects and artist features that you can find in the bookazine. One of the things I’ve noticed over the past few issues is that Scheepjes is including more patterns for men into their magazines. You find the same thing on the cover: some of the projects are designed especially for men, while others are either unisex or can be easily changed into a more masculine colour scheme or design. All garment patterns are graded to include sizes S – XXL, making the patterns even more versatile for every type of body.

Inspirational quotes, artist interviews and product features are scattered around the bookazine, all surrounding the Tea theme. The patterns belong to one of four chapters (‘Matcha’, ‘Saffron & Ginger’, ‘English Tea’ and ‘Oolong’) and all have a distinctive look and feel to them. I’ve selected my favourite from each chapter, but rest assured that all patterns are beautiful as well.

Qing Xin Sweater, Ana D

This is one of my favourite designs for this issue, the Qing Xin Sweater by Ana D in the Oolong-chapter. The Sweater is made with Scheepjes Namaste, a bulky, soft yarn. It looks exquisite and warm! You can easily wear it on a pair of jeans, but also on a loose or pleated skirt (and let’s be real, those skirts are all the rage this year!). I’ve had a look at the pattern, and it’s quite straightforward, perfect for beginners in garment crochet.

Soulstorm Blanket, Martin up North

Isn’t this blanket intriguing? The Soulstorm blanket from the Matcha chapter by Martin up North uses overlay crochet to create this stunning pattern. It reminds me of vortexes, of old Minoan temple decorations, of many other things. This blanket would be a particularly suitable gift for a son or nephew leaving for college. Manly and stylish, and the overlay crochet is oh-so-addictive.

Honey Poncho, Tatsiana Kupryanchyk

The Honey Poncho from Tatsiana Kupryanchyk is fitting for a bookazine with such a mindful and relaxed theme. You’ll grab your poncho on the way out, for groceries or to meet up with friends. The little dots (popcorns) on the poncho keep the body of the poncho interesting, but what piqued my interest is the wide cowl/edging on the neckline. It looks very comfortable and drapes elegantly. My favourite vests at home all have a similar cowl! You might have guessed already; the Honey Poncho belongs to the Saffron & Ginger chapter.

Blooming Tea Cosy, Christa Veenstra

The Blooming Tea Cosy from the English Tea Chapter is a very literal take on the tea theme. Christa knows how to make elegant designs, and the Blooming Tea Cosy is just that. I’m immediately thinking back to a tea drawing ritual I once saw while on holiday. I can’t remember where it was, but I do remember that at first, I thought the person making the tea put in a ball of dirt in the glass pot. But slowly the ball unfolded into a beautiful blooming flower, with petals drifting up and down in the near-boiling water.

YARN 8 Details

There are 16 knitting and crochet patterns in this issue. YARN 8 ‘Tearoom’ is available for EUR 8.95 / GBP 7.95 / USD 9.95. There are two versions, a UK and Dutch version. Most international stores only sell the UK version, and the Dutch version is sold in the Netherlands. Scheepjes retailers can order the magazine in for you, and otherwise, you can get your copy here:

Previous YARN issues

If you’re looking for previous issues in English, you can find them here:


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