Exciting stuff! The pattern for the Chevron Rainbow Blanket is now available in my shop.

Looking at my blog, you'd think I didn't do anything but work on the Rainbow Sampler for the past couple of months. But there's more! Yesterday the new issue of Inside crochet went on sale, and perhaps you've already seen the cover on Social Media. And did you spot the headline right above the title? ' How to get clever with colour'... Sounds like something yours truly would know a thing or two about!

You see, I've been asked by Inside Crochet to write a couple of masterclasses about colour. Exciting and a bit daunting at the same time, because when you crochet more or less on instinct as I do, it can be hard to find the right words to explain what you're doing. But there's no time like the present to challenge yourself a little bit. I wrote an article about how you can create contemporary rainbows, about the science behind colours and of course helpful tips when you're selecting your own palette. And to put that knowledge into practice, I've created a design to accompany this masterclass: The Chevron Rainbow Blanket (find it on Ravelry)!

Credits: Inside Crochet Magazine / Kirsten Mavric

The Chevron Rainbow Blanket uses no less than 23 shades of Scheepjes Catona. And let me tell you: The only thing I found more exciting than picking the colours for this project was to see it all coming together. You can sketch all you want; nothing beats making the real deal.

Credits: Inside Crochet Magazine / Kirsten Mavric

I used my Catona Studio pack to sort through all the different colours of Catona (which are a lot!). I can't stress enough how valuable it is to have colour samples of the yarns you will be working with. While the ball pictures online are pretty good, you can get the best impression by actually seeing the colours in daylight.

The colours are balanced out by the white chevrons worked over the rows. I have made many swatches trying to figure out all the right angles, and I'm happy I did. This blanket looks like a geometric dream! The sample blanket is small and dainty, measuring 87 x 110cm (34 x 43in), but with a little bit of extra yarn it's easy to create a bigger blanket.

The pattern for this blanket is published in Inside Crochet 125, which is also available as a digital copy. If you find you have a bit of time on your hands, consider grabbing a copy and make a project or two. And if you like the masterclass, keep an eye on the following issues as I'll be writing more!


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