The Crab Stitch is a creative stitch to decorate an edging. The Crab Stitch is unique because you don’t work it from right to left, but from left to right. This creates an almost twisted-looking single crochet, a robust finishing for every project.

Crab stitch stitch repeat

There's no stitch repeat for this stitch. As a modified single crochet, you work 1 crab stitch in every stitch. So it works with any number of stitches!

How to crochet the crab stitch

I made a small sample for this tutorial to show the stitches clearly, but in the Rainbow Sampler Blanket, you’ll start in the top left corner.

Join your colour with a slip stitch in the first stitch. Work a sc in the same stitch (photo 1), insert your hook in the stitch on the right side of your sc (photo 2), yarn over, and pull up a loop (photo 3). You’ll create a weird little roll - that’s how it’s supposed to look like. Yarn over again, and pull through the loops on hook. This is your first Crab Stitch (photo 4). The Crab Stitch rolls over itself!

Crochet Crab stitches in the corners

Continue with the instructions above, working Crab Stitches on the right side of your previous stitch (photo 5). When you reach a corner, work a Crab Stitch, two chains and a Crab Stitch in the corner chain space (photo 6). Once you’ve reached the first stitch, cut yarn and fasten off. It's that easy!


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