The Herringbone stitch (or Herringbone hdc) is a variation on the regular hdc. It’s a sturdy stitch with a lovely V-pattern, and you can feel the difference with a regular hdc!

Join your colour with a ss in the first stitch. Crochet a ch (photo 1), yarn over and insert your hook in the same stitch. Yarn over and pull up a loop (photo 2). Now immediately pull the first loop through the second loop (photo 3). You will find that a horizontal ‘beam’ has appeared in your stitch. Yarn over again (photo 4) and pull through all loops on hook. This is your first herringbone hdc (photo 5). Repeat this for each herringbone hdc. Cut yarn, don’t turn your blanket (photo 6,7).

The right side of your herringbone hdc is the one with the ‘beam’. So join your yarn with a ss in the first stitch of the previous row (the first herringbone hdc). Repeat the steps above for another row of herringbone stitches (photo 8). Cut yarn, your backside will look like photo 9.


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