X-stitch or Crossed stitch

The X-stitch, or also commonly called crossed stitch is one of my favourite ways to make a simple work for you. By crossing taller stitches, such as trebles, over one another they resemble crosses or 'X'es. They especially pop when made against a differently-coloured background, and lend themselves perfectly for an exciting feature stitch in a blanket or pillow.

X-stitch stitch multiple

The stitch multiple in this blanket is 12 + 1 stitches. If you want to figure out how many stitches to start with you simply take a multiple of twelve and add one to it. For example, 18 x 12 stitches = 216. now add the extra one, which makes 217 (like in the Rainbow Sampler 2). You could also make shorter rows, for example, 12 x 12 stitches = 144, + 1 is 145.

X-stitch tutorial

The X-stitch consists of crossed treble crochets that are worked in the front loops of skipped stitches a few rows below. It's important to realise that you're not working in the actual chains, but in the skipped stitch below that chain, specifically in the front loop.

First row (base row)

Join your first colour with a ss in the first stitch. Ch1, and work 217sc across the row. Crochet 1 ch, and turn. This is a base row of single crochets, you will now start the row with the skipped stitches.

Second row (skipped stitches)

Make four sc (photo 1). Crochet one ch, skip the next st, crochet three sc, one ch, skip the next st. This creates a pattern of skipped stitches for your trebles to anchor in later (photo 2, indicated with red arrows). Work seven sc and repeat the (one ch, skip next st, three sc, one ch, skip next st) to the end of your row. Make a sc in each of the last four sts, cut your yarn and turn the blanket (photo 3).

X stitch tutorial photo 1-2
X stitch tutorial photo 3

Third row (dc's)

Next, join your next colour with a ss in the first st. Crochet three ch (counts as your first dc) and make a dc in each st and ch across, cut yarn and turn your work (photo 4). This is the contrast row which forms the background of the crosses in the next row.

X stitch tutorial photo 4

Fourth row (crossed stitches)

Now join your first colour again with a ss in the first st. Start with a ch, four sc, and get ready to start on your first treble (photo 5).

Yarn over twice, insert your hook in the front loop of the furthest stitch below the chain two rows back, yarn over, pull up a loop, and (yarn over, pull through two loops on hook) three times to form a treble (photos 6-8). This treble is the first leg of your X. Now skip a stitch on the current row, make three sc (photo 9) and make another treble but this time in the front loop of the first stitch below the chain two rows back (photo 10). Skip the next st on your current row. This forms the X.

Continue working seven sc (photo 11), and then (treble in first st, skip next st, three sc, treble in second st, skip next st) until you are at the end of your row. Finish with a sc in each of the last four sts (photos 12-13). This is how you crochet the X-stitch!

X stitch tutorial photo 5-6
X stitch tutorial photo 7-8
X stitch tutorial photo 9-10
X stitch tutorial photo 11-12
X stitch tutorial photo 13

Crossed stitch crochet patterns

Did you enjoy this tutorial? You can practice crossed stitches in the following patterns:


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